What happened to the Monday evening session? 
Mondays have always been riddled with Federal Holidays and FCPS teacher workdays. We were able to cut down on sessions offered because instead of seating 900 children, we are meeting with probably only 300-400 parents. Monday was one of the sessions that was cut. 

What happened to the Wednesday afternoon session? 
Wednesday was our lightest session for the past few years. We hope that Thursdays might prove to be more popular. 

Are we going to be receiving books this year?
Yes, every family will receive the necessary books for the lessons.

How much will this program cost this year  This year you will pay by the FAMILY, not by the child. Each family will pay a $65 base fee.  If you have children preparing for the Sacraments, there are some extra fees that are going to be required to help cover the costs of those programs.

How much are the sacramental fees? 
For children in their first year of Sacramental Preparation for First Communion (typically 1st graders) and in their first year of Sacramental Prep for Confirmation (typically 7th graders) there is an additional $25 fee. These children will receive extra books and extra assignments in this first year of preparation, thus the fee.  For children in their 2nd year of  Sacramental Preparation for First Communion (typically 2nd grade) and in their first year of Sacramental Prep for Confirmation (typically 8th graders) there is an additional $50 fee.  There are extra books and assignments for these students, plus 2 small retreats for the FHC children, certificates, and just more work in general dedicated to these students, thus the fee. There will be a Confirmation Retreat and I do not know what that will look like. It is required by the diocese and I am waiting for guidance from them for how I am to do it with all of the restrictions in place.

How will we receive the books and other resources that we need throughout the year? 
We will set up a family file system in the building for all families who register with us this year. Families will be asked to come by once a month to pick up needed materials and drop off completed materials. This file cabinet system will be accessible for you 7 days a week from 7am-9pm and you can come by at your convenience. That is the plan for now. 

What are the Parent Meetings like?  
They will be a small group format with a parent leader/facilitator in each group. Many of our former catechists have offered to take on this role. These meetings are meant to be a place where families in the parish can meet and support one another in their common goal of raising future saints!  The meetings will be limited to an hour in length. During that meeting parents will receive an overview of the lesson that they will present to their children. Parents will receive guidance and suggestions on how to present the information to their various ages of children.  They will be able to exchange ideas of what works and share resources they have found and used. 

Can my friends be together in these small groups? 
ABSOLUTELY!  During registration there is a place on the form where folks can request to be with other families that they know.  Our groups are going to be limited to 10 families, so we might have to split up larger groups, but in general we would like to accommodate your requests.  

Will I be with parents who have children the same ages as my children? We are going to try our best to group families according to the age of the children. That being said, we have several families who have multiple children of all ages, so there will be a mix of ages in each parent group. 

What do I have to do to prepare for the Parent Meeting?  
Prior to each parent meeting, one or both parents will watch a 30 minute segment of Symbolon.  This program can be accessed through FORMED. All parishioners have free access to FORMED as the parish pays for your subscription. 

How do I get onto FORMED?  
It is super easy! 
1.  Go to https://formed.org/
2. Click the big white button in the middle of the blue screen that says “Sign Up”
3. Click the THIRD button from the top that says “I belong to a Parish or Organization”
4. On the LEFT side of the screen Type in Holy Trinity 8321 Linton Hall Road, Gainesville, Virginia.  It should start to populate that space once you begin to type. 
5. Click on the large BLUE button that says, NEXT,”  just below our parish name. 
6. Add your name and your email address and click on “Sign Up.”
7. Look under the tab “PROGRAMS” 
8. Drop down to Faith Formation
9. Scroll down to Symbolon 
10. ENJOY!